Your Oil & Gas Partner

Who we are.
Assured Royalties (AR) is owned and managed by oil and gas professionals with over 100 years of combined Oil & Gas experience.


How we work. Assured Royalties has entered into a business arrangement with a substantial capital provider to actively pursue the acquisition of minerals and royalties with specific concentration within the Eagle Ford Shale (“EFS”) formation/field area of South Texas. We strive to be the premier mineral & royalty acquisition firm in the EFS and will ensure our offers will be timely and comprehensive delivering the best offer and opportunity to assure your family’s financial planning.


Benefits of partnership. This is an optimal time to consider selling your mineral rights and royalties (See “Benefits of Becoming a Partner” – this should be a link). Now is the time for mineral owners in the EFS to capitalize on the overall amount of attention the EFS formation is receiving from the Oil & Gas Industry as well as from capital providers. We highly recommend all mineral owners in the EFS give AR the opportunity to evaluate your minerals and/or royalties and present you with an offer for all or part of your mineral ownership.


Developing the mineral estate. There is no assurance that your operator / oil company will drill your ranch/minerals/royalties to the fullest density development allowed by law. Many times Oil & Gas companies drill only the minimum number of wells on each lease as is required to hold the lease past the primary term. Demands for rigs, water and other leaseholds expiring will cause your minerals to be in competition for development with other ranches/leases in the area. Depending on the terms of your lease, full development of your mineral estate may not take place for many years to come, yet being a partner of AR’s can influence the overall outcome of the mineral estate development due to our substantial mineral position among all operators in the South Texas Area. (Our Partnership portfolio infrastructure was started in 1997, so AR assures your partnership provides the experience and leverage of being professionally represented. With interests in over 9 Million mineral acres and factional interests within over 190,000 wells AR’s partners have become the largest non-operating mineral & well stakeholders in the Oil & Gas industry so development and well management is our expertise.